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Water Softeners

High Efficiency Water Conditioning Systems

With Advanced Electronics:

  • Requires less salt!
  • Uses less water!
  • Affordable prices!

Why our valve and systems are better!

Water Softeners
The Safeway Water® high efficiency electronic control valve.
  • Uses up to 60% less salt per regeneration.
  • Uses up to 50% less water per regeneration.
  • All cycles are adjustable to "dial-in" your specific requirements.
  • Operational data is viewed on the valve's large LED display.
  • Designed for use on tanks up to 16" (for water softeners).
  • Best warranty in the business! (Call for details).

Get these endless benefits with Safeway Water® conditioning systems!

Brighter Laundry
Brighter Laundry
Smoother Skin
Smoother Skin
Soft Water!
Soft Water!
No soap build-up on shower walls & doors
No soap build-up on shower walls & doors.
Spot free dishes
Spot free dishes
and glassware.
Save money with less soap & detergents
Save money with less soap & detergents!
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System Right For You?
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