Water Conditioning Systems in Ocala, FL

Situated in Central Florida’s Marion County, with wide open spaces and green pastures, Ocala is horse country. It’s where families can enjoy the best of both worlds; a quieter life in the country, but still have access to urban shopping and cultural amenities. Nearby Ocala National Forest offers locals and visitors alike an endless variety of outdoor recreation.

Water Conditioning System

Like many other cities in Florida, Ocala obtains its water from the Florida Aquifer, a natural underground water source. The water is pumped into storage tanks where it is disinfected through a chemical chlorination process before it is transported through underground pipes into the home. Although the public water supply meets Federal safety standards, residual chemicals, sediment and trace amounts of contaminants are naturally occurring in the public water system.  That’s why it’s important to have a water conditioning system to help with city water treatment.

Our dual tank system uses sensitive NSF-certified activated carbon water filters that eliminate Chlorine and foul odors and bad tastes. The water is then delivered to the water conditioner tank where an ion exchange process softens the water preventing calcium scale from forming in dishwashers, coffee makers and other appliances that use water.In  fact, some of the low level chemicals and contaminants that are present in Ocala drinking water include Radium 225, Uranium, Sodium and Chromium, to name a few.  

Water Softener System

Since underground mineral deposits, sediment and other microscopic particles are naturally present in the water supply, many Ocala residents may have hard water which is easily distinguishable with its signature stains, and that unmistakable foul “rotten egg” odor. A water softener system is available to Ocala residents that remove these foul odors and nearly all of the chemicals, contaminants, sediment and other microscopic particles.  Our water softener systems provides Ocala homeowners with a clearer, better tasting and safer drinking water.

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