Water Filter Systems for Clean and Pure Drinking Water in Crystal River, FL

Situated along the Salt and Crystal Rivers, the central Florida coastal City of Crystal River is the gateway to the Nature Coast. The city of over 3,000 residents welcomes visitors from around the state who come to enjoy breathtaking views and ample outdoor recreational activities including boating, fishing, swimming and other eco-tourist attractions.

City Water Treatment

All public water systems contain some levels of impurities. While some impurities are by-products of the chemical disinfection process, others are natural in the environment. Also, runoff from nearby farms and bacterial contamination from heavy rains and wildlife can also find their way into the public water system. And without a strong water filter, Crystal River residents could be ingesting these potentially harmful contaminants.

At Pro H2O, we believe that residents in Crystal River, FL should be able to have a drinking water filter system that lives up to its name and is as pristine as nature intended -- clean, pure, great-tasting and refreshing. Our state-of-the-art reverse osmosis drinking water systems contain powerful water filters for safe and reliable in-home water treatment and purification at an affordable price.

Our reverse-osmosis drinking water filter system is a six-step water purification and treatment process. During the pre-filtration process, sediment and other particles are removed. Then, an activated carbon water filter removes chlorine and other chemicals like hydrogen sulfide that is a common cause of foul odors and bad aftertastes. The water then moves through the reverse osmosis filter for great tasting, clean, safe and pure water. The large rust-free water tank holds 75 gallons of water and self-replaceable cartridges eliminates the need for service calls.

Pro H2O’s clean and pure reverse osmosis drinking water filter system is available in Crystal River, FL.  Contact us at 352-726-7300 today for a free water analysis.


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